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The Bentley Victorian Parlor


This room is dedicated to the Bentleys, and in particular to Harriet Bentley, the last of the family to reside at 53 Ferry Boulevard.

Cornelius and his wife Mary Brayton Bentley bought the property in 1866, although the plot was much bigger at the time of purchase.

Family artifacts in the room include the large, original secretary, a chair, the lamp on the corner table, the concertina, and the quilts on the sofa. Even the checkerboard and its games pieces are former belongings of the Bentleys.

Of the Bentley’s five children, Harriet – the youngest, was educated at the Glens Falls Academy and went on to teach art for 50 years in the Glens Falls area. She also maintained art studios in both Glens Falls and New York City. On the left side of the doorway is a copy of a charcoal sketch by Harriet of her sister Mary Jane. On the right is Harriet’s niece Nellie and near the window is an original charcoal of Harriet’s brother John.

Harriet was also an historian, author, inventor and cartographer. Note her historical map of the area on the wall here and her book “On the Military Road” that is for sale at the entranceway of the building. She also held patents at a time when they weren’t normally granted to women… one was for a coating used to make photos more permanent and another was a sealer for patching inner tubes and hot water bottles.

Harriet passed away in 1930, leaving items to her grand-niece. Many of these items have been returned to the Historical Society by family and friends to enhance the Bentley family collection.


1. Original secretary/desk.                2. Bentley lamp and concertina    3. Victorian era sofa with Bentley quilts




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