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Book Talk & Signing

Dear Friend:
     Letters from Union Soldier
     Gustavus Wintermeyer to John A. Bentley

Saturday, June 15, 1:00 pm

On June 15, 20204, the author of the book titled “Dear Friend: Letters from Union Soldier Gustavus Wintermeyer to John A. Bentley”, will present a talk and hold a book signing - both hosted by  the Heritage Hunters at 12 Spring St in Schuylerville, NY.


Last fall, the Historical Society of Moreau and South Glens Falls published the book of correspondence sent to one of the Bentleys, who grew up in the Glens Falls area and whose family resided in the house that currently serves as the headquarters for the group. The collection of letters depicts what military life was like in the 1860s.


Ms. Hogan-Kilburn will provide background concerning the book itself and the revelations that the letters offered and copies of the book, which serves as a fundraiser for the Society, will be on sale following the presentation. Copies are $19.99.

The talk is free and open to the public.

To order the book online - 


In The News

Parks-Bentley's summer exhibition shows the Practical but Beautiful side of vintage housewares

Parks-Bentley is hosting a unique summer exhibition of vintage kitchenware on loan from area residents.


Titled “Tea Pots and Cookie Jars”, the display is an off-shoot of the educational program about household items that were made – not only useful – but beautiful, as well.


In addition to the themed items, a group of antique glass bottles from the area is also on display.          

The exhibition, as well as tours of the historic house, are free to the public and can be visited during open hours each Saturday from noon-4 pm throughout the summer.


Larger groups wishing a more detailed tour can arrange for private tours via the organization’s website ( 

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