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Outreach Programs available for 2024

Communication Without Words 

Learn to “read” quilts through this unique program that explores the way quilts were used by escaping slaves and Underground Railroad stationmasters as a means of signaling.

Food for Thought

Ever wonder how people lived without grocery stores and microwaves? Learn how people in the 1800s gathered, prepared, and preserved food for their families.

History Mystery

Whether you’re six or sixty, play detective and try to guess the uses of objects from the past.

General Moreau: Who He Was and Why Moreau Was Named for Him

Find some of the answers to the mystery behind why the town was named for this military leader. Note: This program is better suited for older students and adults and requires space with a projection screen or blank wall for the visuals associated with the program.

The Games Grandpa and Grandma Played – Us, Too!

What if there was no TV … no video games? What would you do with your time? Find out what games children – and adults – played “back in the day”.

From Indian,To Native American, to First Nation

Ever wonder who the earliest settlers of the area were and what their lives were like? Learn the real story of the native peoples that crossed the Hudson right near Parks-Bentley Place.

Any of our Outreach Programs can be presented at Parks-Bentley Place upon request.

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