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The Upstairs Bedroom


This bedroom has been furnished by local families to reflect the building style of the time. In addition to the bedroom set, porcelain, and other items, all donated from individuals in the South Glens /falls and Moreau area,


There are many items on display that were critical to comfort in a Victorian bedroom.

Note the chamber pot… a very welcome item in the middle of cold winter nights. The copper pan at the end of the long wooden handle kept sleepers warm in the unheated bedrooms. Hot coals were place in the pan and the unit was slide under the covers for a nice, toasty welcome to the nights’ sleep.


On the bed are a mourning collar and cuff set. If her husband died, the widow spent three years in mourning – the first year she could only wear black. In year two, some gray could be added. And in year three, some white – like the pieces shown here – could be added. Other items of note are the Pence-nez (or pinch nose) eye glasses with a hair pin in case they slipped off. The celluloid collar was used by men because they didn’t wash their shirts after each wearing – but did wash the collar. The case was for travelling.

Take a close look at the framed images on and near the fireplace mantel. Included are the original marriage certificate of Jerome Selleck and one of the last of the Bentley women to live in the house – Mary Jane Bentley. The long plaid dress shown in the photo on the right was worn by three generations of Bentley women on their wedding days – and is still part of the Historical Society’s costume collection.





1. Porcelain donated by the Glidden family.

2. Bedroom set - a gift from the Hewitt family.

3. Men's and women's accessories grace the top of the dresser.

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