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The Meeting Room



This part of the house was originally the family’s parlor, but is currently used as the Meeting Room for the Historical Society and other local organizations, on occasion.

Solomon built a saw mill here, as well as a toll bridge at the river at what is now known as Fenimore. Solomon’s grandson, also named Solomon, was a prominent businessman and director of the Glens Falls Paper Mill Company. In 1899, Solomon gave his home in Glens Falls to be used for the first hospital. Today’s Glens Falls Hospital is still located at 100 Park Street – the property donated by Solomon.


Furnishings in the room and items in display cases here are donations from area residents. Also in this room are Harriet Bentley's DAR certification asl well as a display case that holds samples of our outreach programs, and old victrolas from the collection.




1. Painting class in the Meeting Room.

2. Group event at Parks-Bentley.

3. Portion of the 2024 Tea Cups and Cookie Jars exhibition.

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