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The Library

In keeping with the Historical Society’s mission to provide education and information concerning the history of our area and those who lived here, Parks-Bentley includes a library.


Our collection of historical volumes, images and news clippings that trace the intriguing history of the area. Also included in the library are materials from the Parks and Bentley families, several drawings by local artist of note Ruth Lynch, and rare photos of the area, including the building of the Feeder Dam, the move of our one-room school house to the Parks-Bentley property.


Our library collection also includes a series of large wall maps from the 1800s showing a fascinating progression of the growth of the United States.

The library is available for use during open hours and also by appointment.


1. Partial library holdsings.

2. 1800s wall map of the U.S.

3. Vintage photo of family member in front of the Parks-Bentley house.




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